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2017 DRiV Benchmark Series

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We hope everyone had an amazing end to 2016.  We had a great time celebrating our 5th anniversary with you at our annual Inner DRiV Competition.

To kick off the New Year, we are proud to introduce to you – The 2017 DRiV Benchmark Series!

The DRiV Benchmark Series started in 2016 as a way to test our fitness levels and to see our improvements over the course of the year.  We want to make sure that we are all getting stronger and faster in the gym and retesting a benchmark workout is the best way to see our progress.

Last year we added 10 workouts, 5 lifts, and 3 skills tests to our DRiV Members PR Board to use as our benchmark workouts.   We committed to programing those workouts or tests three times over the course of the year, repeating each one roughly every four months.

This year we have 11 workouts, 5 lifts, and 3 skills tests.  We will once again be doing each of these workouts three times over the course of the year.  The goal will be for everyone to have a score for each workout by the end of the year.  You will notice one workout, two lifts, and one skill test will carry over and be retested in 2017.

The PR boards will be wiped clean and updated this week.  Be sure to record you’re numbers from last years workouts if you haven’t already.

Hope you’re ready for a great 2017.  We’re going to be having a lot of fun here at DRiV!

WODs Strength
Fran Clean & Jerk 1 rep
Grace Full Snatch 1 rep
The Chief Deadlift 3 rep
Nasty Girls Back Squat 8 rep
DT Front Squat 3 rep
Fight Gone Bad
Open 11.5 Skills
Bradshaw Max unbroken Muscle-ups
500m Row Max Burpees in 2 min
1 mile run Max Double Unders in 2 min